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Databases and Collections

The DEVA databases are under construction. For the time being, we will present only parts of the collection with selected records, to give an impression of the future structure of the databases. The quantity of records available online will be expanded continuously. Searching is possible within individual collections or in several or all collections.


Collections Iwalewa-Haus


Collections Iwalewa-Haus
Iwalewa-Haus, an institution of the University of Bayreuth, was founded in 1981. The fine arts collection comprises paintings, graphics, drawings and textiles with a focus on Africa, from 1930 onwards.


Photos and Personal Papers


Photographic Archive Dammann
Photographs and sound recordings taken by the linguist and theologian Ernst Dammann (1904-2003) and his wife Ruth Dammann (1911-1995), mainly from field research in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa, 1933-1975.


PK Popp

Picture Postcard Collection North Africa
The collection comprises ca. 3000 picture postcards, mainly from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, from 1900 onwards (provenance: Prof. Dr. Herbert Popp).



Photographic Archive Raum
Photographs taken by the anthropologist Professor Otto Friedrich Raum (1903-2002) during his teaching and research journeys in South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, 1938-1968.


African Studies Bayreuth

Spittler, Kamelreiter

Collection Spittler
Photographs and sound recordings taken during field research by Professor Gerd Spittler in North and West Africa since 1967, mainly on Tuarag and Hausa in Niger, Nigeria and Algeria.



Archive IAS Administration
The virtual archive of the Institute of African Studies currently contains documents relating to public relations and events since 1980. Internal use only.