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Credits and Disclaimer

University of Bayreuth
Institute of African Studies
Wölfelstrasse 2
95444 Bayreuth

The Institute of African Studies is represented by its executive director Prof. Dr. Dieter Neubert.

Editorial Responsibility

Dr. Ulf Vierke
Sigrid Horsch-Albert, MA
Moritz Wohlgenannt
University of Bayreuth
95440 Bayreuth
Phone: +49 921 55-4510/-4508
E-Mail: deva@uni-bayreuth.de


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Graphic material

The entire used graphic material on the Homepage and the Databases is copyrighted and may not be copied, stored or passed on.
Illustrations of works of art originate from Iwalewa-House and are used with friendly permission of the artists.


The contents and works of these Homepages, offered by University of Bayreuth, are subject to German Urheberrecht. Works of third parties are denoted as such. For duplication, editing and transmission and every form of utilization beyond the limits stated at the Urheberrecht, written consent of the author or originator is needed. Downloads and copies of these Homepages are only permitted for private, non-commercial use.


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The contents of this Homepage have been prepared with great care. Nevertheless the University of Bayreuth cannot accept liability for the accuracy, relevance or timeliness of the information it contains.